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Regardless that we use them each day, most people don't bother to think about how watches are made, or what materials are used to make them. When shopping for a watch we just choose the watch that fits our finances and lifestyle.

Nowadays, watchmakers have at their disposal a wide range of materials. Each material is highly appreciated by watchmakers for its personal distinctive characteristics. At all times thinking about the future, watchmakers spend lots of their time experimenting with new types of materials

Lots of as we speak's watch manufacturers supply their timepieces in a choice of case metals. The three most typical alloys used are high-grade stainless steel, eighteen Karat gold and platinum.

Stainless steel

Stainless Metal is the most typical alloy used for watchcases today because of its sturdiness outillages prototypes and anti-erosion properties. It's a very hard metal, which is right for crafting professional sport watches such travel alarm watches, and sport chronographs. A watch made of steel is the practical choice for on a regular basis use in distinction to valuable metal watches, corresponding to gold or platinum pieces. Which are often thought to be dress watches.


Gold is the second most typical metal used in watch making and is thought to be the basic choice for the finest watches. Although it's more malleable than stainless steel, eighteen karat gold is durable and nicely suited for watches. Eighteen Karat gold alloys could be formulated into three different colours, traditional yellow, pink/rose, or white.

Gold Plated

A gold plated watchcase is produced from a metal base and covered with a thin layer of Gold. This type of watch is clearly less expensive to make.


Platinum probably the most unique metal used for watchcases. It's an especially rare treasured metal with glorious warmth, put on and corrosion resistant properties, making it a super materials for exquisite collectable timepieces.

There are different materials less generally used to make watches, of these are Titanium and Silicon.

Titanium - this is a white metal appreciated for its supreme durability.

Silicon- has the advantage that it eliminates the need for oil and theoretically reduces the quantity of friction, thus prolonging the life of a watch movement.

When buying a look ahead to your self you in all probability is not going to consciously think about what the watch is made of, you'll just search for type and worth to suit your needs. However in case you are shopping for a look ahead to another person as a present, it's your decision that particular person to know it's a quality gift. In that case, it could matter to you what the watch is made of.

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