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Homeowners examine a multitude of products to remove unwanted pests safely. These products exterminate the pests and prevent possible personal injuries that are often associated with them. Among these options are products that eliminate bed bugs. These bugs can infest furniture, especially beds and cause itchy bites all over the body. The following is everything homeowners need to know about bed bugs and how to get rid of them.


What are Bed Bugs?


Bed bugs are brownish bugs that hide in dark spaces within the home. They prefer mattresses and drawers that allow them to hide effectively. They are also found around baseboards in properties as well. They feed on human blood through tiny bites that create itchy sores on the skin. They are most active at night when they are less noticeable.


How Do Homeowners Know They Have Bed Bugs?


The first sign of bed bugs would be the itchy sores on the skin. If the homeowner has noticed sudden bug bites while they are trying to sleep, it is more likely that they have bed bugs. These bugs also accumulate around the seaming of the mattress to hide. They are small, but the homeowner should be able to see them through a clear inspection of their furnishings.


What are the Necessary Steps for Getting Rid of Them?


To kill how kill bed bugs , the homeowner must identify all areas in which the bugs are. This is typically inside their mattress and box springs. If they have dressers in the room, the bugs are more than likely inside these drawers as well. They should also look around the baseboards of their bedrooms as well.


Once all areas of infestation are identified, the homeowner should spray them with a bed bug extermination product such as bed bug bully. They should spray all around the room on the mattress and box springs. They should also cover their mattress and box springs with plastic covers. The zipping vinyl mattress covers are quite effective. They will need to cover their remaining furniture with plastic draping for at least two weeks to ensure that all bugs are dead.


Homeowners who have discovered bed bugs in their home must take immediate action. They need a product that will eliminate these bugs without presenting them with any health risks. An eco-friendly product is highly beneficial and won't leave behind any toxins. bed bug eradication who wish to learn more can read our bed bug bully review or visit to make a purchase today.

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