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When customers hire moving companies chicago, it’s important for them to understand the potential for additional charges. These fees depend largely on the conditions of the move. Before booking a mover, find out which charges may apply, get a quote, and be sure the quote holds. Below is a list of extra charges often assessed by moving companies.

Accessorial Fees

Some companies combine all extra fees not falling under any of the below terms, calling them accessorial fees. Such charges may include unpacking or packing, extra storage facility pickups, or furniture disassembly. To avoid these charges, be ready when the movers arrive and ask plenty of questions.

Advance Charges

These fees cover services provided by ancillary professionals such as piano or pool table movers, appliance installers, and others. If such services are arranged by the movers aurora il, charges are billed to the company, which bills the customer.

Customs Clearance

If moving into the country, customers should be aware of customs fees. In some cases, movers may charge for customs clearance, but most companies include the fee in their overall costs. It’s best for customers to confirm that the charge is included in the initial estimate.

Elevator Carrying

If a person is moving into a condo or walk-up apartment, they may face additional fees for the movers in aurora il to transport goods in elevators. Customers can anticipate these charges by notifying the movers that an elevator will be involved.

Expedited Services

If a family needs a guaranteed arrival date, they’ll likely pay a higher rate. The easiest way to avoid such charges is to be as flexible as possible with the move-in date. Most people can adapt, and if everyone packs the essentials, they should be able to get by for several days without their household goods.

Long Carry

This extra charge is applied when movers downers grove il have to carry goods over a longer-than-normal distance. Ask the company how far the movers will carry items before long carry charges are assessed. If distance is a concern, measure it or ask the mover about it when they arrive to provide an estimate.

Warehouse Handling Charges

These fees are assessed whenever storage services are provided in transit. The charge refers to the physical removal and handling of items inside a warehouse. As with other charges on the list, it’s best to ask the movers about it if the customer is unsure.

Moving is stressful even under the best of circumstances, and high fees add to that stress. By learning which fees to expect, families will have an easier time budgeting for a move. Call today to request a no-obligation quote.

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