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Close-to-ceiling lights are a common fixture in just about every modern household. They offer a practical solution for lighting entire rooms and offer a wide array of features such as advanced lighting control and built-in fans, making it easy to provide appropriate lighting levels and a perfect atmosphere for just about any indoor occasion. Read on to find a few tips for choosing the right modern ceiling light fixtures solution to get started improving the home's ambiance and comfort.

Deciding on a Lighting Type

There are several forms of overhead lighting, including flush and semi-flush mount lights, chandeliers, and suspension lighting. Some ceiling fans also come with built-in lighting, which offers a practical solution for those who are looking to incorporate indoor climate control into their room plans in addition to adding more light. While a ceiling fan with lights can be used in just about any room that is sufficiently large to accommodate it, they're most commonly seen in bedrooms, family rooms, living rooms, and kitchens instead of bathrooms and smaller areas that are less frequented.

Choosing the Right Combination Fan and Light

There are different ceiling fans that feature lighting, so it's a good idea to do some research prior to purchasing a new fan. Rooms with lower ceilings are better suited to a flush mount ceiling fan so residents and guests can easily walk beneath it, while rooms with exceptionally high ceilings may benefit from fans that feature downrods. Downrods are also essential for any room that has angled ceilings, as they ensure the fan will sit parallel to the floor after it has been installed.

Homeowners should also consider blade length when choosing a fan. They should be sure to purchase a fan that is able to provide efficient cooling for the room without taking up the entire ceiling. Finally, it's important to purchase a fan with lighting that has been produced by a reputable manufacturer such as Monte Carlo, Craftmade, or Casablanca, as companies like these have a proven history of providing excellent products.

All the Bells and Whistles

Many modern fans with built-in lighting offer features that would have been unheard of even decades ago. Homeowners who want to take advantage of maximum comfort and convenience can look into ceiling fans with remotes and adjustable-brightness lighting fixtures with built-in dimmers. These features allow residents and guests to enjoy an added level of comfort and convenience, so they're often worth the extra money.

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