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In the case of a herniated disc, the intervertebral disc itself does not usually move, but there is an escape of jelly mass from the nucleus, which can press on the spinal nerves. What are other types of back pain? When is strive physical therapy to see a physical therapist denver?




Many nerves move from the spinal cord to all areas of the body. The thickest and longest of them is called the sciatic nerve and extends from the lumbar area to the foot. If the lumbar part of the spine is "irritated," the affected individual may feel pain, tingling or weakness in their legs or feet.




If a sudden, stabbing pain occurs after specific movements, a Denver physical therapist will diagnose lumbago. It is usually triggered by everyday actions such as lifting, turning or stooping or straightening up. Frequently, those affected cannot stretch their backs.


Most of the time, however, the pain does not radiate into the legs. A herniated disc rarely triggers lumbago.


Causes of back pain


What do "tension" or "wear" and "osteoporosis" or "scoliosis" have to do with acute back pain? physical therapy near me of back pain is irritation of the nerves by surrounding, tight muscles. From a certain age, wear and tear can be found in almost all people. Wear and tear may not always lead to back pain.


With physical therapy colleges , which affects women predominantly, their "bone mass" decreases. This often leads to fractures and, subsequently, to a decrease in the height of the vertebrae, which can lead to significant back pain. Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine, which can cause back pain, especially in adulthood as a result of stress. Scoliosis causing pain should be treated with physical therapy Denver.


Which symptoms are typical?


Back pain can suddenly "shoot" up or down a person’s back, or it can gradually develop. Often, the pain will increase with certain movements or poor positions. In most cases, pain experienced is so intense that something serious is suspected as the cause, which is rarely the case. Pain may also radiate down the sufferer's leg.


Is back pain dangerous?


Sharp pain is not only unpleasant but also disturbing. People want to know what is behind their pain, especially since most suspect that the issue could be a severe disease. Fortunately, there is rarely a serious cause behind pain that requires immediate treatment.


Specific causes are almost always noticeable by certain warnings. If such warnings occur, people should consult a doctor immediately! Contact a physical therapy clinic denver to learn more.

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