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The first visit with the orthodontist involves X-rays, which will determine if the treatment can include Invisalign or not. Broomfield Invisalign, once limited to simple cases, can now be applied to much more complex cases, but the practitioner's experience in performing this type of treatment is a must.

What is the cost of the Invisalign treatment?

Fees are set by the orthodontist with tact and moderation, depending on the difficulty of the case. The first consultation with the orthodontist generally involves the overall cost of treatment: the range is largely dependent upon the complexity of the case, from $3,000 to $15,000. Note that, in most cases, Invisalign Broomfield is not covered by dental insurance.

Is this technique as useful as lingual braces?

The orthodontist must be experienced so that this technique, thanks to the computer model of the treatment (from which the gutters will be manufactured), is as or more effective than the treatment by external or internal Broomfield braces (lingual technique). Discussing the options with a dentist is a must.

How do these aligners differ from those made for bleaching?

Invisalign aligners are much thinner, precise and comfortable because they are made by stereolithography from a virtual model resulting from a dental arch scan and impressions manufactured with high precision materials. The precision and finesse of these aligners make them "invisible," unlike other types of trays.

Why is it necessary to choose between the lingual and Invisalign techniques?

It is the orthodontist who will guide the patient in his or her choice between the lingual technique and Invisalign technique. Depending on the case, one or the other method may be more appropriate. Nevertheless, Invisalign offers, just as in lingual technique, a precise way to correct dental displacements using an "invisible" type of orthodontic therapy with no known cause for speech defects. Unlike the lingual method, the Invisalign technique offers more comfort (since the trays are removed for eating, and there is no tongue irritation). Also, the cost of an Invisalign treatment is reduced compared to that of a lingual treatment.

What is the manufacturing process?

The starting point is the diagnosis and treatment plan of the orthodontist. Invisalign transparent aligners are custom-made for each patient using 3D technology. The orthodontist makes the necessary Invisalign recordings: photographs and x-rays and sends these records and the treatment plan, where they will be processed for use. This virtual model is performed by digitized tomography.

After that, the treatment plan is applied, and the movements are sequenced by specific software. The orthodontist receives the initial treatment simulation in 3D computer graphics. Each stage corresponds to a 3D image of the patient's teeth, which is then reconstructed into a positive 3-dimensional model from which a medical plastic (polycarbonate) aligner is made. For more information about dental braces price, contact a specialist.

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