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Phoenix is touted as a great place to live thanks to its job market, many attractions, and beautiful, affordable homes. However, living in the desert does come with at least one downside: the water in Maricopa County is notoriously hard. Thankfully, by purchasing a best whole house water filter, property owners can easily overcome this hurdle.

Water Will Taste Better

Summer is already well on its way in southern Arizona, so it's important that residents be drinking plenty of water to keep themselves hydrated. Unfortunately, hard water, which is full of undesirable minerals, just doesn't taste very good, leaving many residents and visitors to the area stuck paying for expensive and ecologically destructive bottled water. A reverse osmosis filter can produce the same clean, pure drinking water that residents have come to expect from leading brands of bottled water at a fraction of the price.

Easier on Appliances

Hard water doesn't just taste bad, it's also bad for household appliances like dishwashers, ice makers, washing machines, and other fixtures that use water. Removing the minerals as they enter the home's water supply can extend the lifespan of these appliances by preventing mineral buildup and scale. Plus, they'll work more efficiently.

Extend the Lifespan of Plumbing Systems

A household's pipes and fixtures respond in similar ways to hard water, experiencing mineral buildup and a sometimes significantly shortened lifespan. It just doesn't make sense to keep making repairs to the plumbing system without addressing the underlying cause of failure. Installing a reverse osmosis system removes the harmful minerals, preventing buildup and scaling from occurring.

Take Better Showers

Minerals like calcium and magnesium make it difficult to rinse soap, as soap reacts with water to create something known as "insoluble soap curd." This makes showering uniquely unpleasant, as it can feel like it's impossible to remove the filmy feeling of soap from hair and bodies even with plenty of rinsing. Eliminating these minerals from the water supply will make it more enjoyable to bathe and help avoid issues like dry skin and limp, lifeless hair, which all too often result from bathing in hard water.

No More Water Spots

Soap curd doesn't just build up on the skin of those who are showering in hard water, it has the same impact on plates washed in the dishwasher and even clothes in the washing machine. This makes it hard for all of those detergents and cleaning solutions to do their job, leaving water spots on glasses and plates and making clothing appear dull when it's pulled out of the washer. Installing a reverse osmosis filter will allow homeowners and their families to avoid these problems.

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