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Laser cutting and engraving machines have become a lot more affordable, and that is excellent news for many small businesses. Gaining access to laser-based technology can easily allow a company to accomplish things that would previously have been unthinkable.

In addition to the lower prices that have recently started to attract so much attention, today's laser machines excel in other ways, as well. By being available with laser tubes of a wide variety of power levels, they can accommodate needs and goals of many different kinds. Especially insofar as epilog laser tend to increase right along with power ratings, looking into the available options will always pay off.

The Perfect Amount of Power for Any Job

Every laser beam consists of light-based energy that can be focused and directed as wanted. Lasers vary tremendously in terms of how much power they transmit and for how long they can do so, however.

Some of the most powerful lasers in the world today release only very short bursts of light and consume millions of watts in the process. Pocket-size laser pointers, on the other, can run for many hours on a single battery while outputting only very weak beams.

In the enormous space in between lie all those cutting and engraving machines that business owners today will normally be considering. In general, power ratings of roughly the following levels will suit applications like:

30 to 60 watts. On the low end of the scale, laser machines that transform from around 30 to 60 watts of electricity into beams are typically most suitable for engraving. While these devices can also be used to cut various thin types of stock, they will normally do so fairly slowly.

75 to 100 watts. Upgrading to somewhere around 75 to 100 watts of power will open up many new possibilities. A laser machine of this class will normally be positioned as a truly professional piece of equipment, instead of one that might appeal to hobbyists, as well. A cutter or engraver fitted with a 100 watt CO2 laser tube will be able to engrave many materials quite quickly and cut fairly thick sheets of metal and the like.

Over 100 watts. Finally, there are also machines that up the power even further. A 150w laser tube will engrave at several times the speed of the kind found in entry level machines and do the same when cutting.

The Right Laser Machine Will Always Produce Returns

Simply selecting a laser machine and tube well suited to a business's needs will almost ensure a successful investment. As many small business owners have discovered, buying a laser cutter or engraver can be truly transformative.

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