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When families make the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home, it is decision typically that isn’t taken lightly. It usually comes down to the realization that they will receive the best possible care there as they live out the remainder of their life. Sadly, this isn’t always what happens. Many senior citizens across the country are impacted by nursing home abuse. There are many forms of abuse and the one that is the hardest to realize is emotional. Sometimes employees may inflict psychological mistreatment in multiple ways. Many times, these facilities experience high turnover or inexperienced staff. Sometimes this leads to employees neglecting to provide appropriate care to the residents as well as the violation of health codes and regulations. It is important for family members to be observant and know what to look for.

Emotional Abuse

When it comes to emotional abuse, this can be both verbal and nonverbal. If staff members act in a demeaning way, by yelling or making a point to humiliate another person, this is a form of emotional abuse. Then, there are situations where a staff member truly ignores a person, refusing to help them with the things that they need on a daily basis. This also includes excluding them from social activities. Abuse like this can result in anxiety and depression. There can also be other serious health conditions as a result, especially if the daily needs are not being met.


Victims may not show any outward signs of being mistreated. Sometimes, it is simply behavior changes that are observed. They may suddenly not want to participate in activities that they normally would engage in. It might be that they are suddenly quiet or have sudden mood swings. It could even be noticeable that they seem fearful when the staff comes around. Family members can assess their family members possible exposure to nursing home abuse by paying attention to their habits and relationships with those involved in their care.

Abuse of any kind at a facility shouldn’t be taken lightly. Whether it is physical or emotional, it can have a long-term impact on the elderly. Those that suspect that their loved one is experiencing abuse, should contact a nursing home abuse attorney right away. The Robenalt elder & disability law firm has extensive experience in cases that involve senior care locations such as nursing homes, assisted living or long-term care facilities. For more law details or information visit The Robenalt Law Firm.

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