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The best gift to give a dog lover is a way to spend more time with the dog. Leaving the dog behind when running errands or enjoying recreational pursuits that require both hands means the furry friend misses out on the fun. Sharing adventures is how owner and dog bond but hectic schedules and demanding leisure activities and sometimes makes that difficult.

An Affordable Solution

The k9 carrier Dog Carrier Backpack allows owners to bring dog along. The forward-facing carrier cradles the dog securely while owners are hands-free to participate in their favorite pastimes. including the dog increases the enjoyment for both parties and strengthens the connection between them. The K9 Sport Sack is available in four sizes, several colors, and has optional accessories.

Help with Sizing

There are detailed sizing instructions and instructional videos that illustrate how to measure the dog to determine the size needed. People who are not sure what size the dog needs can send a picture into the company for selection assistance. In addition to measuring the distance between the rear end and the collar while the dog is in a begging position, the weight of the dog also determines proper sizing. Weight ranges go from six to eight pounds up to thirty pounds. The product is not designed for dogs over the thirty pound weight limit.

Available Accessories

There are accessories offered for style and some offered to increase safety. Dog goggles, sunglasses, and coats are needed to keep the dog warm and the eyes protected. Style accessories include custom name patches that stick onto the Velcro ready panel on the back of the carrier. A variety of colors, fonts, and symbols can be chosen up to twelve characters. Added side pockets can be found that easily fit onto the sides of the carrier. These can hold bags, water, and healthy snacks that can be found at

Gift givers can also visit here to learn about shipping, returns, and the sixty-day warranty. The carrier is also available at some store locations, which can be selected using the online search function. The recipient will never have to leave the dog behind again. Another plus regarding giving a Sport Sack Carrier is that every order helps rescue efforts and animal shelters. This thoughtful gift will last for years. It is hand washable, can be dried on the clothes line, and s vented one the sides to keep the dog from getting too hot while out in the sunshine.

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