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Tax fraud comes in many forms, including failure to file, filing false returns, and intentional tax evasion. These are serious criminal charges that can leave those accused of them facing lengthy prison terms, so it's essential that anyone who has been accused of tax fraud consult a Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney for Tax Fraud immediately to ensure the best possible outcome.

Common Allegations

There are many forms of tax fraud, and while they range significantly in severity, they are all serious crimes. These may include tax evasion, intentional underreporting of income, improper deductions, assisting in preparing false returns, failure to pay withholding tax, and money hope laundering. If the IRS has already served notice of intent to audit an individual or a business, it's time to contact a lawyer criminal who can help.

Choosing an Attorney

Not all criminal attorneys are equipped to handle serious federal cases. These attorneys often advise their clients to plead guilty due to ignorance of better legal options, while those who have experience defending clients against allegations of tax fraud and other white collar crimes are better able to evaluate alternatives. Ultimately, the key to receiving a reduced sentence or a successful outcome is a detailed understanding of all the nuances of federal law and the ability to construct a winning defense based on the available evidence.

Services Provided by Tax Fraud Attorneys

Attorneys focusing on defending clients who are facing serious tax fraud allegations help their clients throughout the investigation process and provide legal counsel at trial. Often, though, the most important work performed by these attorneys comes during the appeal process. Filing a successful appeal requires a good deal of attention to detail throughout the investigation phase and the trial in order to preserve necessary objections for appeal, helping to ensure the most favorable possible outcome.

Detail-Oriented Strategies

Employing a detail-oriented strategy when defending clients allows attorneys to mitigate and lessen charges by uncovering flaws in the government's strategy. Whether clients are accountants, businessmen, individuals, or corporate taxpayers, they can expect to get the best possible results through hiring an attorney who has a deep understanding of constitutional rights and plenty of experience defending clients against similar charges.

Schedule a Consultation

Anyone who is facing allegations of tax fraud or another white collar crime should start looking for an attorney as soon as possible. Readers can start this process by visiting to learn about one local firm that can help. Get in contact today to schedule a consultation and discuss the details of the case.

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