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Day programs are often the solution for outpatient mental health treatment. When a therapy session once or twice a week is not sufficient as a treatment for depression, for example, therapy and treatment five days a week can help. The intensive programs are customized to cater to the needs of each patient, and limit or eliminate the need for hospitalization. There are some facilities that only offer traditional, therapies, group, individual, and family, as treatment. While that may work well for some people, it is not enough for others.

More than One

An innovative and progressive treatment center, such as compass healthcare group, will offer a few program choices to meet the needs of children and adults. The partial hospitalization program (PHP) is designed to provide short-term stabilization for those in crisis with a focus of transitioning patients into a day program as soon as possible. The intensive outpatient program (IOP) is available for people experiencing difficulty with traditional outpatient programs, or are in the process of moving from the PHP program to therapy sessions once per week.

A track treatment program is offered for patients with issues related to mental health in addition to their primary diagnosis. This could be substance abuse, OCD, or self-harming behavior, among others. A school refusal program is also an option for children who avoid attending school via symptoms of illnesses that diminish as soon as the child is allowed to stay home. The minimum age for children treated at this particular center is nine years of age. Parents of younger children can ask the primary care physician for program recommendations.


People seeking treatment, family members seeking education, and parents seeking solutions can visit the center website to research symptoms of mental illnesses, expressive therapies and how they help with treatment, and information regarding the intake process. A compass detailed article on most topics is found on the site and within the blog pages.

The information is in no way inclusive of all theories, approaches, or options, but does provide an excellent overview. The articles presented by experienced professionals are a great place to begin to learn, understand, and consider possible avenues of treatment. There are many people who do not realize they have a mental illness until they are hospitalized due to a psychotic break or crisis. For those patients, immediate stabilization is required and typically involves serious medication. Those who realize help is needed before that point have more initial options open to them.

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