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I have been round a while and at all times thought infatuation was the domain of the very young and considerably silly. After all, did not I've a number of infatuations once I was 15 or 17? First, there was the lady in a mining firm office the place I had my first job. She was years my senior, however sophisticated effectively above her years. Then there was my friend's mom, 26 years older. And over the following 12 months or , a few others. Then of course, I grew up. Or so I thought.

As soon as I began having real relationships the very idea of infatuation appeared like a childish pastime. That's until just just lately after I fell sufferer to what causes limerence I later found is called "limerence", a a lot more mature type of involuntary infatuation.

You see, there's this girl at work to whom I used to be attracted not long after we first met. She's very much youthful that me and I realised that there was no real opportunity for a significant relationship, particularly since I am not solely too old for her, I'm additionally married.

I would have been pleased with a platonic relationship if only I might have spent some time along with her and been close friends. In actual fact, my feelings for her were less bodily and more about what I perceived as her youthful, exhuberent, beautiful personality. And her intelligence. I assumed she was nice to be around and she made me glad after we were together.

Then I started waking up early only to have her in my thoughts. I'd think of her on and off throughout on daily basis and once I saw her it was like my dreams had come true ... not less than when she talked to me. I couldn't believe that this younger lady had taken management of my thoughts with completely no data or intention on either her behalf or mine. That's part of what limerence is, what limerence does, even to much older, mature people.

My research told me that limerence cases usually last for years. One way to dispense with it is to find another limerant object ... really no solution at all. I told myself that I am too smart, too skilled and just too sensible for this to go on for years. After all, I was in command of my destiny. Proper?

Apparently not. I've actively avoided contact with my "limerent object" at a number of social events and at work over the past few weeks with the hope that my interest will simply fade away and take with it the emotional rollercoaster that is limerence. That's actually made me unhappier because I feel that I am being unreasonable to her as an innocent party in all this.

Sometimes, when she passes in a hallway, she provides me a stunning smile and says, "Hi, Robin" and it rocks me to the core. Just seeing her or listening to her voice sends my chemistry into chaos mode.

If only I could find in her some flaw, some bad thing maybe, that may assist change my mind. I can't. To me, she is perfect. It seems that there's merely no escape from limerence. It is a matter of hanging in there and toughing it out.

If you are ever unlucky sufficient to be caught within the limerence trap I'm afraid you may just must journey it out too.

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