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It's innovation that meets government standards without sacrificing production. Engine Delivers Efficient Power with a Case IH 6. Transmission Driveline Adjusts to deliver the best possible balance of power and fuel efficiency. Set your speed and let the computer find the sweet spots between power and fuel efficiency.

Shifting of gears is payday payday loans no credit check loans automatically payday loans never under a load Ease of stopping and starting tractor. Most beneficial on inclines. Operator EnvironmentThe Ultimate in Operator Comfort Ergonomicly Designed Outstanding visibility in all directions with huge glass area of 63.

The main implement pump is separate from the 17 gpm (65 Lpm) steering and services pump. The standard main implement pump on the short wheelbase (SWB) Puma models, 150 and 165, delivers up to 26.

Explore the AFS Offering Plug and Play Autoguidance Ready- Right From the Factory Minimizing skips and overlaps saves on fuel, seed, fertilizer and chemicals. Precisely placing seeds can improve agronomic performance. Achieving year-to-year repeatable accuracy - as tight as plus or minus 1 inch - becomes reality with AFS AccuGuide autoguidance. Plus, you can use your display with third-party ISOBUS-compliant implements. It's the nature of farming today - producers need to cover more ground in less time.

You can't afford to be sidelined for costly service or lengthy maintenance. That's why we engineered Puma tractors with rugged Case IH components proven to provide years of reliable service.

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